Walk 34 Sandgate-Folkestone

Walk 34
Thursday July 29th 2010

We set off from home in the middle of the morning and arrived in Folkestone just before two in the afternoon. The road from the station was familiar from our last visit and we soon located our B&B. Despite having arranged a 2 o’clock check in there was no-one in but a sign in the door gave a number to phone. This brought someone hurrying along and we were soon shown to Room 3 at the front on the first floor. We didn’t stop to unpack, just sorted out our walking rucksacks and headed for the bus station.

A 101 bus was waiting and we almost managed to make the driver understand where we wanted to go. Ten minutes later we were at the end of Sandgate Esplanade and ready to walk.

153 Sandgate Esplanade

This must have been one of the easiest walks we have ever done as it was straight along a concrete path at the back of the beach all the way to Folkestone.

The first landmark we had been planning to look for was Sandgate Castle, which is one of the few Martello Towers still standing, but it has also been recently converted to a private house, so we could only admire it from the path.

158 Dead beach huts at Folkestone3

Soon we came to change in surface to tarmac which we assumed was the beginning of Folkestone proper. Here there were some very sad looking beach huts, all locked up and abandoned and some very special new ones! This was the first of many varied artworks along the prom and throughout Folkestone and these huts were made out of old crazy golf bases.

160 Artwork along the coast2

We continued along the seafront until we came to the bottom of the cliff lift, which was sparkling with new paint and restoration. We had seen a newspaper report that said it would reopen this week and we were very much looking forward to riding up the cliff in it. But, the sign in the window promised that it would be opening on Saturday, so we would miss out again. We finished the walk there as it was just one to fill in the section into Folkestone that we had missed last time.

175 Jenna at the Start

When we left the bottom of the cliff lift, we couldn’t find a way up and ended up exploring the Leas garden, walking back quite a long way before discovering a zig-zag path to the top. We wandered back along the top to the cliff lift and just beyond it found the steps we had been looking for all along.

174 The Leas Cliff Railway

Sandgate                                               Folkestone
Time: 15.15                                          Time: 16.17
Steps: 8546                                          Steps: 14437
Miles: 3.37                                            Miles: 5.69

2.32 miles
Running Total 224.9